Jinhwa Chang

Areas of Expertise

Japanese language pedagogy
Qualitative Research: Writing and Interaction

Scholarship/Creative Work

「何が日本語学習者の書く文章を変えるのか―「動機文」検討の分析から」『言語文化教育研究』11,pp.152-174,早稲田大学日本語教育研究センター 言語文化教育研究会. “What are the Factors that Affect Writing of Japanese Language Students?”, Language and Cultural Education Studies, 11, pp. 152-174, The Association of Language and Cultural Education Studies, Center for Japanese Language, Waseda University. 2013

「中級日本語学習者の推敲作文における結束性の分析-「総合活動型日本語教育」の教室活動を対象に-」『日本文化研究』,42,pp.421-437,東アジア日本学会,韓国. “Cohesion in Revision Process: A Case Study of an Intermediate Japanese Language Learner”, Japanese Cultural Studies, 42, pp.421-437, The Association of Japanology in East Asia, S.Korea. 2012

「ゼロビギナーを対象とした「総合活動型日本語教育」の試み―会話を継続させる「問いかけ」に着目して―」WEB 版『日本語教育実践研究フォーラム報告』,日本語教育学会. “An Attempt of ‘Sogokatsudogata Nihongo Kyoiku’ for a True Beginner of Japanese Language: Focusing on ‘Teachers’ Questions’ to Encourage Conversation”, Web-version of Jissen-Knekyu Forum Report, The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. 2010 http://www.nkg.or.jp/kenkyu/Forumhoukoku/2010Forum/2010RT2_chang.pdf

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Research Associate in Japanese Applied Linguistics at Waseda University
Instructor in Japanese at Center for Japanese Language (CJL) of Waseda University
Visiting Instructor in Japanese at Grinnell College