Recommended Study Abroad Programs

This list is a start for interested students. For the most detailed and up-to-date information, be sure to consult with faculty in the department.

Study Abroad in China

All students seriously interested in Chinese language and cultural studies should definitely have the experience of living in China for a period of time. The level of language instruction, possibilities for interaction with the Chinese people, and standard of living have all improved markedly in recent years.

The number of programs in mainland China which offer language instruction to foreigners has grown “like bamboo shoots after the spring rain” (yu hou chunsun ban de). While some programs are good, others are of questionable quality, so students should be very careful about where they apply. Some of the better programs are listed below. For more information on Chinese study abroad programs in China, see any member of the Chinese faculty.

Other resources for study abroad in China include:

Study Abroad in Taiwan

Taiwan is also an excellent destination for students interested in improving their Chinese language skills, learning about Chinese and Taiwanese culture, or studying economics or business in Chinese.

There are many language programs in Taiwan, of which the better ones include the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) at National Taiwan University and the Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. Both operate programs year-round.

Graduating students should also note the two Chinese Government Scholarships and the Taiwanese Government Scholarship which sponsor a year of language study at one of the hundreds of universities throughout China and Taiwan after graduation. For more information on these, see the Endowments & Awards section of this web site, or speak with the Coordinator of Chinese.

Study Abroad in Japan

Study abroad programs in Japan are also numerous. Among summer programs, there are now several that offer specialty courses on topics ranging from puppet theater to animation and media studies.

For semester- and year-long programs, the Dean’s office has information (including student evaluations) for programs that Williams students have attended in the past. For department majors and those who wish to continue Japanese language at Williams after they return, the Study Abroad section on the Japanese language program site has a list of recommended programs that offer the best language instruction.