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The Department of Asian Studies has established a program of Language Fellows in Chinese. The Language Fellows acquire training and experience in language instruction while team-teaching language courses with regular faculty. The fellowships, which began in 1999, are funded through the James A. Linen III Asian Studies Fund.

Candidates for Chinese Language Teaching Fellowships would normally be graduate students in Linguistics, East Asian Language Pedagogy, or Foreign Language Education who are preparing for careers as college-level language instructors. They should possess substantial prior training in language teaching and, ordinarily, will have at least some experience in teaching Chinese. Fellows teach under the close supervision of the regular faculty, who frequently observe them in class and meet with them to discuss class activities as well as the students’ and fellow’s performance.

Former Fellows: 

2016-17: Yu-Chieh Chen 陈宇婕; Yuqi Ji 季宇琦
2015-16: Chieh-Yang Chang 張婕洋; Xinyue Jin 金欣月
2014-15: Wei Zhang 张薇; Szu-han Liao 廖思涵
2013-14: Mo Zhang 张茉; I-ting Chao 趙以莛
2012-13: Mo Zhang 张茉; Junqing Jia 贾君卿
2011-12: Kang Zhou 周康; Wen-pin Hsieh 謝文彬
2010-11: Kang Zhou 周康; Ya-ting Fan 范雅婷
2009-10: Jyun-hong Lu 盧俊宏; Ching-wei Kuo 郭罄維
2008-09: Lifan Su 苏力帆, Ying-hua Hsiao 萧莹华
2007-08: Zhe Zhang 张喆; Min-chun Chiang 姜旻君
2006-07: Ju-yin Wang 王如音; Fu-ju Wu 吳馥如
2005-06: Shu-han Yeh 葉淑涵; Hong-ting Fang 方虹婷
2004-05: Yang Wang 汪洋;Yu-yin Hsu 许又尹
2003-04: Haohsiang Liao 廖灏翔;Bing Han 韩冰

2017-2018 Language Fellows:

Teaching Associate

Since 2015, the United College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Department of Asian Studies of Williams College have established a Teaching Associate Program for recent graduates from CUHK to teach at Williams College for one academic year (9 months from September to May). The Teaching Associate assists courses taught in Chinese within the Chinese Program by conducting weekly one-on-one or one-on-two conversation sessions (in Chinese) with students.

Former TAs: 

2016-17: On Ki Wong 王安琪

2015-16: Hoi Yan Ng 吴海欣